Finer Trading With Full Return As Per Your Requirement

Trading tips are trader’s tips allowing you to win faster in your trading. This is a valuable help in your trading training to answer all your questions and benefit from the experience of more experienced traders. All trading tips are good to take. It’s an accelerator in your learning. In this section, we discuss the errors to avoid but also methods to improve your trading. Reading them is good, applying them is better!

  • The choice of time unit in trading determines the frequency of your trades.
  • The smaller the unit of time, the greater the number of signals.
  • Getting lots of buy / sell signals is good, but you have to have the time to monitor your trades and be responsive.
  • In general, the smaller the unit of time, the more time you need to spend trading .
  • You also have to be able to stay focused on trading and nothing else.
  • The choice of unit of time is a function of the time available, and the trading preferences of the trader.
  • We can distinguish 3 broad categories of people in trading: Full time, part time, “no time”.

What time unit for a full time trader?

A full time trader is a trader who is not limited by time. He has all day trading. In this case, the available time does not count in the choice of the unit of time. It is the trading preferences that will guide his choice.

  • If you want to do scalping, there is no question to ask you, it is a very short term trading. The unit of time will go from tick to 5 min at the most.
  • If you want to swing trading, all possibilities are available to you. It’s up to you to determine the unit of time you feel comfortable on, the one that does not stress you too much. If you are stressful, use large time units (not below 1h). Similarly, if you’re new to technical analysis, you’ll be slow to spot the different graphical elements. Give yourself extra time by opting for a large unit of time. When you Get your money back properly, then you can also make sure to get the best details there.
  • There is no unity of time better than others. No study shows that there is a link between the performance achieved and the unit of time used. Less trade opportunity does not mean less performance.

The more positions you take in the day, the smaller the size of your positions. It is very important to adapt the management of your risk according to the chosen unit of time. Indeed, on a graph 15min, the gains / losses are of the order of a few tens of points at the most, while on a daily chart, you will count in hundreds of points.

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