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Trading tips are trader’s tips allowing you to win faster in your trading. This is a valuable help in your trading training to answer all your questions and benefit from the experience of more experienced traders. All trading tips are good to take. It’s an accelerator in your learning. In this section, we discuss the errors to avoid but also methods to improve your trading. Reading them is good, applying them is better!

  • The choice of time unit in trading determines the frequency of your trades.
  • The smaller the unit of time, the greater the number of signals.
  • Getting lots of buy / sell signals is good, but you have to have the time to monitor your trades and be responsive.
  • In general, the smaller the unit of time, the more time you need to spend trading .
  • You also have to be able to stay focused on trading and nothing else.
  • The choice of unit of time is a function of the time available, and the trading preferences of the trader.
  • We can distinguish 3 broad categories of people in trading: Full time, part time, “no time”.

What time unit for a full time trader?

A full time trader is a trader who is not limited by time. He has all day trading. In this case, the available time does not count in the choice of the unit of time. It is the trading preferences that will guide his choice.

  • If you want to do scalping, there is no question to ask you, it is a very short term trading. The unit of time will go from tick to 5 min at the most.
  • If you want to swing trading, all possibilities are available to you. It’s up to you to determine the unit of time you feel comfortable on, the one that does not stress you too much. If you are stressful, use large time units (not below 1h). Similarly, if you’re new to technical analysis, you’ll be slow to spot the different graphical elements. Give yourself extra time by opting for a large unit of time. When you Get your money back properly, then you can also make sure to get the best details there.
  • There is no unity of time better than others. No study shows that there is a link between the performance achieved and the unit of time used. Less trade opportunity does not mean less performance.

The more positions you take in the day, the smaller the size of your positions. It is very important to adapt the management of your risk according to the chosen unit of time. Indeed, on a graph 15min, the gains / losses are of the order of a few tens of points at the most, while on a daily chart, you will count in hundreds of points.

Write a Book for Beginners: Pick the Genre

From a young age we often dream of escaping into other realities, or fantasize about what could have been instead. That is why children like books so much, and often dream of writing one themselves. If this dream has not left you even into adulthood, but you are still writing only school essays, do not worry. The first step of writing any book is to choose what you will write about. If this question is hard to answer, focus on the genre, because it will give you a hint of what you like the best and what you will be interested in writing about. If you already have a genre in mind, there is another article for you on how to write a book. However, this article is an overview of some of the most popular genres, which might give you an idea of what your future bestseller will be about! To find another great articles visit Wedoessay blog.


Are you a fan of Sherlock or Nancy Drew? A detective story is full of mysteries to be solved, and you can lead your reader through an adventure full of clues with a final shocking reveal. The key to writing such stories is to have a highly analytical mind that is prone to solving mysteries, but leaving the key to the puzzle on the last pages of your novel. You should always intrigue the reader in the beginning, so he will be interested in finding out who committed the crime and will follow you until the very last page of your book.

Slice of Life

A truly great novelist will be able to write about life in such way that it will be relatable to anybody. If you like to pick out the details from your day: a child holding a bright yellow balloon, a shopgirl sweeping the street in front of the flower shop, the umbrellas of the people hiding from a heavy rain – and transform them into something beautiful, maybe this genre is for you.


There is also an opposing genre to the steady routine of the “slice of life” novels: the travelogue. You can try to write a travelogue on your website or blog, just to see if you get good reviews. Imagine that you have a boring uncle and a really fun cousin that have been to Thailand during this summer vacation. The uncle is going to inform you about the hotel suit, the bedsheets, the price of the tickets, but the cousin will tell you fun and exciting stuff about a safari with elephants, the sunset on the beach, the exotic fruits. So you should also be someone who picks out only the most exciting parts of your travels and tells them well enough so people will want to listen.


Even though history is fixed, there are still a lot of historical novels that get published every day. Why is it so? Historical fiction is an interpretation of history. Sadly, we cannot confirm anything about history because we have not been there, so history is highly subjective. This is why you can play with it, and find a whole new point of view to describe, basing yourself on some well-known facts.


Such epic fantasy books as “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, the “Game of Thrones” saga, the “Harry Potter” novels are very popular nowadays. Fantasy lets you create a whole new world, with its rules, landscapes, creatures, and of course magic! You can shape your world in any way you want, though in the story usually there is a quest to solve, an adventure to embark on. You might think that it is easy to create something without doing the research on history or science, however, with great creative powers comes great responsibility, as it is your task to make this world believable.

Science Fiction

Who does not like Star Wars or Star Trek? Well, if you would like to imagine a bright future, in which humanity uses technologies to explore the universe and save the world, this genre is for you. There are many subgenres of science fiction, and not all of it has to do with intergalactic travel, but the key point is the usage of some technology that may become possible in the future. In order to write in such a genre, you must understand the laws of physics and be really interested in exploring at least one problem thoroughly.


The classic “1984” by George Orwell, “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood are all part of the anti-utopia genre. So what is it? These books carry great meaning, because they are a warning of what a future might be like if something goes wrong in the present and we get stripped of our rights. The key to writing such books is not only to be aware of the problems that the world is facing, but also to make a believable totalitarian regime that enforces the anti-human laws. Usually, everything ends badly for the main hero, who understood the horrific circumstances he found himself in.


When your anti-utopia is not controlled by authoritarian political regimes, but rather is a fault of technology gone wrong, you are welcomed in the genre of cyberpunk. It is even more horrifying, because machines cannot feel empathy. You are faced with a grim world, where technologies won against humanity, and there is nothing to be done for the main hero that acknowledges the horrifying situation.


There are lighter and more optimistic genres, such as romance, that you could also write. It is a known fact that almost all popular books have a storyline connected with love. If you make it the main part of your book, you get a romance book, that will make your readers care for the characters, root for them to be together and cry at the various challenges they will face before achieving their bliss.

Horror or Thriller

For the fans of drama, suspense and ghost stories there are always horrors and thrillers. Such books make readers fear and thrill them to no end, as they embark with the main characters on a voyage to the unknown. Horrors are connected with some supernatural powers, while thrillers just make you scared for something that could easily happen in real life.

Best Balance for the Best Property Sale

If you have decided to buy a property or land or a home, things that you must be obliged to keep in mind are legality, purity and balance of the field and the paper.Real estate is understood to mean the particle of land together with everything that is permanently attached to the surface or underneath it. Records on the particle size of land, buildings and other buildings that permanently lie on or below the earth are called real estate.

Real estate data is the basis for land registry books run by land registry courts (land registry). The basic spatial unit in the real estate is a cadastral plot. It can be unbuilt or built. You need to consult the best developer sales in singapore there.

Tips for buying real estate

The legality of the property relates to the built real estate or to the buildings that are on the property. The building is legal if it possesses the appropriate documentation such as the Usage Permit, Solvency Solution and so on.

The field condition must be aligned with the relevant documentation. Also, objects must be entered in and land registers. However, if objects are enrolled in cadres and land registers, this does not mean they are legal.

Four things you have to watch out for

Pure ownership means that the real owners or owners are entered in and land registers. The sales contract to be valid or enforceable must be concluded with the holders of the right registered in the and land registry. Land registry extract is the only proof of ownership or other right that may be subject to entry in the land registry.

It’s not easy to get all the details of a funeral. When sadness and stress will flood more than ever, emotions can often prevent you from making the right choices. The contracting of a funeral service firm can greatly facilitate this process, and its experience will be reflected in the quality of the services offered. Here are some tips that can help you make pertinent decisions when the inevitable occurs:

Decision making

Usually, the relative nearest to the deceased takes responsibility for decisions related to the organization of the ceremony. Further choosing a funeral service is often the next step. If you have participated in a funeral in the past and everything went naturally, quickly, with no unpleasant problems, then you may need to get in touch with the deceased’s relatives and ask for some advice. Unfortunately, you will not have time to be too selective, so if you already have a good recommendation, it may be of great help to you. For Bucharest and Ilfov, contact FuneraraBlaj House, a funeral agency with long experience, with an ample offer of services and funerary objects, all at affordable prices. You can also opt for the good at funeral services singapore options.

What does the funeral service company do?

The funeral service agents will take care of the inanimate body, place it in a coffin that they can help you choose from multiple models, deal with all the formalities, papers and procedures you need on your behalf. Also, qualified staff can offer options for organizing the burial ceremony (or incineration, as the case may be), the parastasis for commemorating the deceased in religious services and funerary transport.